• ALL NATURAL CORK - A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy yoga mat. The Mantra™ Cork Yoga Mat is made from a unique blend of plant based cork and all natural rubber. Breathe easy knowing that your yoga mat is made from non-toxic, environmentally safe materials.
  • PREVENTS BACTERIA, MOLD, AND ODORS - The Mantra™ Cork Yoga Mat features antimicrobial, self-sanitizing cork. This unique blend of cork prevents bacteria, mold, mildew, and unwanted odors and smells from growing on your yoga mat. Whether you use your yoga mat on a daily basis or for occasional yoga sessions, this yoga mat is built to last!
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN - The Mantra™ Cork Yoga Mat comes with a convenient carrying strap for yoga on-the-go. The extra thick rubber padding and non-slip cork surface provide incredible support throughout any pose or exercise. The Mantra™ Cork Yoga Mat is 72" long x 24" wide with 5mm thick rubber padding.
  • NON SLIP GRIP - Traditional yoga mats lose their grip when you sweat, causing you to become unbalanced during your yoga session. The Mantra™ yoga mat features a unique blend of cork for optimal gripping power. The sweatier you get, the more grip you have. Spritz water across the top of your yoga mat for a premium, non-slip workout.
  • HOT YOGA, BIKRAM, PILATES - Mantra™ Yoga Mats are perfect for a variety of activities. Use the Mantra™ Cork Yoga Mat for any type of yoga - bikram, hot yoga, fitness classes, pilates, and more. The Mantra™ Yoga Mat works great indoors and outdoors. Practice at the park, beach, gym, studio, or in your home. The Mantra™ Yoga Mat fits your busy, on-the-go lifestyle!

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